Restaurants in Duck Creek Village

At an elevation of 8,400 feet, Duck Creek Village boasts some fantastic dining options. For the latest information on hours and specials, please visit their websites or social media pages.

Pinewoods Grill

Experience a cozy atmosphere and enjoy classic American dishes. Perfect for family meals or casual dinners with friends.

DC Pub & Grill

Discover a lively spot offering a variety of pub fare and craft beers. Ideal for a fun night out in Duck Creek Village.

Hot Mamas

Enjoy mouth-watering pizzas and homemade comfort food. Known for its warm hospitality and flavorful dishes.

Aunt Sue's

Start your day with hearty breakfasts and enjoy homestyle meals in a charming setting. A favorite among locals and visitors.

For the best dining experiences in Duck Creek Village, please visit their websites or social media for the latest updates and hours.